Program — PQE-2018

Note: all plenary talks are 30 minutes including questions, and all invited talks are 20 minutes including questions.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Monday Morning Plenary Session 1
Virgil Sanders: Chair
7:30 Federico Capasso, Harvard University (Advances in Metasurface Optics)
   “Meta-optics at Visible Wavelengths” [PDF]
8:00 Hui Cao, Yale University (Mesoscopic Optics 1)
   “Mesoscopic Optics” [PDF]
8:30 Marlan Scully, Baylor, Princeton, TAMU (Quantum Optics in General Relativity)
   “Black hole acceleration radiation: a quantum optical perspective” [PDF]

Monday Morning Invited Session 1
  Advances in Metasurface Optics
Federico Capasso, Chair
Mesoscopic Optics 1
Hui Cao, Chair
Quantum Optics in General Relativity
Marlan Scully, Chair
Trends in Quantum Information Science 1
Girish Agarwal, Chair
9:10 Wei Ting Chen, Harvard University
“Broadband Achromatic Metalenses in the visible” [PDF]
Rémi Carminati, ESPCI PARIS
“Spatial correlations and mutual information between reflected and transmitted speckles emerging from opaque disordered media” [PDF]
Don Page, University of Alberta
“Hawking Radiation and Black Hole Thermodynamics” [PDF]
Virginia Lorenz, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Engineering photon-pair generation through Raman-mediated four-wave mixing” [PDF]
9:30 Cheng-Wei Qiu, National University of Singapore
“Atomically Thin Meta-lens: Diffraction-limited Focusing and High Efficiency” [PDF]
Chia Wei (Wade) Hsu, Yale University
“Global control of light transmission in strongly scattering media” [PDF]
Gerald Moore
“Producing Photons with Moving Mirrors” [PDF]
Sergey Polyakov, NIST
“Discrimination of frequency shifted coherent states below the standard quantum limit” [PDF]
9:50 Mikhail Belkin, The University of Texas at Austin
“Intersubband polaritonic metasurfaces for frequency mixing and optical power limiting” [PDF]
Alexandre Aubry, Institut Langevin - ESPCI Paris, PSL Research University
“Matrix approach of optical imaging through strongly scattering media” [PDF]
Stephen Fulling, Texas A&M University
“How Does the Equivalence Principle Apply to Atomic Radiation?” [PDF]
Andrei Faraon, California Institute of Technology
“Quantum nano-photonic devices based on rare-earth-doped crystals” [PDF]
10:10 Alejandro Rodriguez, Princeton University
“Inverse design of metasurfaces for nonlinear and thermal photonics” [PDF]
Tomas Cizmar, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology e.V.
“Holographic micro-endoscopy based on multimode waveguides” [PDF]
Anatoly Svidzinsky, Texas A&M University
“Excitation of atom by a uniformly accelerated mirror” [PDF]
John Reintjes, Sotera
“Entangled Ghost Imaging: Resolution, the Gaussian Schell and Popper’s conjecture” [PDF]

10:30 — Break —

Monday Morning Plenary Session 2
Robert Boyd: Chair
10:50 Naomi Halas, Rice University (Active Plasmonics 1)
   “Topics in Active Plasmonics” [PDF]
11:20 Marco Genovese, INRIM (Quantum Correlations for Quantum Imaging)
   “Quantum Correlations for Quantum Imaging” [PDF]

Monday Morning Invited Session 2
  Active Plasmonics 1
Naomi Halas, Chair
Quantum Correlations for Quantum Imaging
Marco Genovese, Chair
Optics of 2D and Topological Materials
Mikhail Belkin, Chair
Cold Atoms
Ron Folman, Chair
12:00 Jiming Bao, University of Houston
“Laser Streaming: Turning a Laser Beam into a Liquid Jet Flow” [PDF]
Robert Boyd, University of Ottawa
“Generation of Caustics and Rogue Waves through Nonlinear Propagation” [PDF]
Pending. Frank Narducci, Naval Postgraduate School
“Considerations for a dual accelerometer/gyroscope using continuous opposing atomic beams” [PDF]
12:20 Nicolas Large, University of Texas at San Antonio
“Numerical Modeling of Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy in Complex Plasmonic Nanostructures” [PDF]
Bonnie L. Schmittberger, Joint Quantum Institute
“Improving the measurement of quantum correlations” [PDF]
Alexey Belyanin, Texas A&M University
“Optics and plasmonics of Dirac and Weyl fermions” [PDF]
Mark Havey, Old Dominion University
“Light Scattering from Cold Rubidium Atoms” [PDF]
12:40 Pierre Berini, University of Ottawa
“Nonlinear plasmonic metasurfaces” [PDF]
Mathieu Manceau, MPL, Erlangen, Germany
“SU(1,1) interferometry and enhanced sub-shot-noise imaging” [PDF]
Galan Moody, NIST
“2D Spectroscopy of 2D Materials: Intrinsic Optical Properties of Monolayer Semiconductors” [PDF]
Alexey Akimov, Texas A&M University
“Polarized cold cloud of thulium atoms” [PDF]

13:00 — Afternoon free —

Monday Evening Plenary Session
Mark Saffman: Chair
19:00 Peter Zoller, University of Innsbruck (Manybody Interactions)
   “‘Free-Space’ Chiral Quantum Optics - From Quantum Antenna to 'Free Space' Quantum Links” [PDF]
19:30 Olga Kocharovskaya, Texas A&M University (New X-Ray Sources)
   “Dynamical control of the resonant interaction: Towards new X-ray sources” [PDF]
20:00 Matthew Pelton, University of Maryland Baltimore County (Quantum Electronics with Nanocrystals)
   “Quantum Electronics with Nanocrystals” [PDF]

20:30 — Break —

Monday Evening Invited Session
  Manybody Interactions
Peter Zoller, Chair
New X-Ray Sources
Olga Kocharovskaya, Chair
Quantum Electronics with Nanocrystals
Matthew Pelton, Chair
Active Plasmonics 2
Naomi Halas, Chair
20:50 Mark Saffman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Scaling of optically and magnetically trapped atomic qubit arrays” [PDF]
Arvinder Sandhu, University of Arizona
“New table-top X-ray generation schemes: Examples from HHG and Compact XFEL” [PDF]
Jeremy Baumberg, University of Cambridge
“Pico-Photonics: Strong Coupling and Optomechanics in extreme nano-optics with deterministic number and placement of molecules” [PDF]
Gururaj Naik, Rice University
“Extreme asymmetry and anisotropy for taming thermal radiation” [PDF]
21:10 Alexey Gorshkov, Joint Quantum Institute
“Complexity of sampling as an order parameter” [PDF]
Donald Umstadter, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
“Kilo-order multiphoton scattering: Converting near infrared laser light to x-rays” [PDF]
Maiken H. Mikkelsen, Duke University
“Tailored emission of quantum dots and 2D materials using plasmonic nanocavities” [PDF]
Alejandro Manjavacas, University of New Mexico
“Hybridization and sensing in arrays of plasmonic nanostructures” [PDF]
21:30 Norman Yao, University of California Berkeley
“Discrete Time Crystals” [PDF]
James Carroll, Army Research Lab
“First Demonstration of Inverse Electron Conversion” [PDF]
David Norris, ETH Zurich
“Colloidal-quantum-dot spasers and plasmonic amplifiers” [PDF]
Jason Valentine, Vanderbilt University
“Dynamic Plasmonic Metasurfaces” [PDF]
21:50 Elena Kuznetsova, Texas A&M University IQSE
“Effective indirect spin-spin interactions in bilayers of Rydberg atoms and polar molecules” [PDF]
Wen-Te Liao, National Central University, Taiwan
“Generation of short hard X-ray pulses of tailored duration using a Mössbauer source” [PDF]
Oleksandr Voznyy, University of Toronto
“Reducing the optical gain threshold in colloidal nanocrystals: CW lasing and beyond” [PDF]
Christy Landes, Rice University
“Photo-electrochemical dissolution: In search of hot holes” [PDF]
22:10 Kaden Hazzard, Rice University
“Synthetic dimensions in ultracold molecules: quantum strings, membranes, and dissipation-induced topology” [PDF]
Xiangjin Kong, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
“From electromagnetically induced transparency to Autler-Townes splitting with x-rays” [PDF]
Shunping Zhang, Wuhan University, China
“Strong plasmon-exciton interaction in nanocavities” [PDF]
Tigran Shahbazyan, Jackson State University
“Landau damping of surface plasmons in metal nanostructures” [PDF]

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Olga Kocharovskaya: Chair
7:30 Anne L'Huillier, Lund University (Ultrafast Photoionization Dynamics)
   “Photoionization dynamics probed by attosecond light pulses” [PDF]
8:00 Wolfgang Schleich, Ulm University (On the Interface of Quantum and Gravity 1)
   “On the interface of quantum and gravity” [PDF]
8:30 Leonid Butov, University of California San Diego (Excitons)
   “Condensation of indirect excitons” [PDF]

Tuesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Ultrafast Photoionization Dynamics
Anne L'Huillier, Chair
On the Interface of Quantum and Gravity 1
Wolfgang Schleich, Chair
Leonid Butov, Chair
Topological Quantum Optics
Chaoyang Lu, Chair
9:10 Thomas Pfeifer, MPIK Heidelberg
“The time-domain response of autoionization and strong-field ionization” [PDF]
Matthias Zimmermann, Ulm University
“The linear potential and the cubic phase” [PDF]
Tony Heinz, Stanford University
“Controlling excitons in 2D materials” [PDF]
Miguel A. Bandres, Technion
“Topological Insulator Laser” [PDF]
9:30 Luca Argenti, University of Central Florida
“Attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy of resonant transitions” [PDF]
Gary Georgi Rozenman, Tel Aviv University
“Measuring Phases of Quantum Mechanical Wavepackets Using Surface Gravity Water-Waves” [PDF]
Victor Klimov, Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Strongly confined excitons and biexcitons in relation to quantum-dot lasing and LEDs” [PDF]
Peng Xue, Southeast University
“Observation of topological edge states in parity-time-symmetric quantum walks” [PDF]
9:50 Paul Hockett, National Research Council of Canada
“Bootstrapping (Ultrafast) Photoionization Dynamics” [PDF]
Hartmut Abele, TU Wien
“qBOUNCE, a Quantum Bouncing Ball Gravity Spectrometer” [PDF]
Gil Refael, California Institute of Technology
“Topological Polaritons and excitons in solid state systems” [PDF]
Gediminas Juzeliūnas, Vilnius University
“Novel topological optical lattices for ultracold atoms” [PDF]
10:10 Tenio Popmintchev, University of California San Diego
“Coherent X-rays with Designed Spectral, Temporal Shape, and Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum” [PDF]
Dennis Schlippert, Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
“Towards tests of fundamental physics using Very Long Baseline Atom Interferometry” [PDF]
Alexander High, University of Chicago
“Exploring the bright side and the dark side of excitons in atomically-thin transition metal dichalcogenides” [PDF]
Dawei Wang, Texas A&M University
“Parallel quantum operations with chiral spin states in a superconducting circuit” [PDF]

10:30 — Break —

Tuesday Morning Plenary Session 2
George Welch: Chair
10:50 Peter Nordlander, Rice University (Hot Carrier Generation)
   “Plasmon-Induced Hot Carrier Generation and Applications” [PDF]
11:20 Gershon Kurizki, Weizmann Institute (Quantum and Classical Thermodynamic Machines)
   “Thermodynamics of quantum and classical machines” [PDF]

Tuesday Morning Invited Session 2
  Hot Carrier Generation
Peter Nordlander, Chair
Quantum and Classical Thermodynamic Machines
Gershon Kurizki, Chair
Mesoscopic Optics 2
Hui Cao, Chair
Trends in Quantum Information Science 2
Virginia Lorenz, Chair
12:00 Stephan Link, Rice University
“Monitoring plasmon generated hot carriers one particle at a time” [PDF]
Abraham Nitzan, University of Pennsylvania
“Energy transfer and conversion in molecular junctions” [PDF]
Douglas Stone, Yale University
“Unidirectional reflectionless transmission of light without and with PT symmetry” [PDF]
Girish Agarwal, Texas A&M University
“Multiphoton blockade in cavity QED” [PDF]
12:20 Prineha Narang, Harvard University
“Excited-state and Correlated Light-Matter Interactions: Through the Lens of Electron-Phonon Coupling” [PDF]
Ulrich Poschinger, Universität Mainz
“A Single-Ion Heat Engine in the Quantum Regime” [PDF]
Nikolay Zheludev, University of Southampton, UK & NTU Singapore
“Super-Oscillations and the Far-Field Metamaterial Super-Lens” [PDF]
Christoph Simon, University of Calgary
“Quantum networks: global, warm, biological?” [PDF]
12:40 Tianquan Lian, Emory University
“Two approaches for enhancing the efficiency of plasmon induced hot electron transfer” [PDF]
Alexandre Roulet, Uni Basel
“Quantum Absorption Refrigerator with Trapped Ions” [PDF]
Yun-Feng Xiao, Peking University
“Ultra-high-Q asymmetric microcavity optics and photonics” [PDF]
Mehmet Emre Tasgin, Hacettepe University
“Multiparticle entanglement in superradiance” [PDF]

13:00 — Afternoon free —

Tuesday Evening Plenary Session
Reinhard Kienberger: Chair
19:00 Ursula Keller, ETH Zurich (Attosecond Field-Driven Dynamics in Condensed Matter)
   “Laser field controlled dynamics: from THz to PHz” [PDF]
19:30 Volker Deckert, IPHT Jena (Theoretical and Experimental Developments in Probe Enhanced Spectroscopy)
   “Tip-enhanced spectroscopies - pushing the limit of spatial resolution” [PDF]
20:00 Zubin Jacob, Purdue University (Topological Metrology of Quantum Vacuum Radiation)
   “Quantum Vacuum Radiation and Time-Reversal Symmetry” [PDF]

20:30 — Break —

Tuesday Evening Invited Session
  Attosecond Field-Driven Dynamics in Condensed Matter
Ursula Keller, Chair
Theoretical and Experimental Developments in Probe Enhanced Spectroscopy
Volker Deckert, Chair
Topological Metrology of Quantum Vacuum Radiation
Zubin Jacob, Chair
Hot Carrier Induced Chemistry
Peter Nordlander, Chair
20:50 Martin Schultze, MPQ / LMU
“Attosecond electron dynamics in small- and wide-gap materials” [PDF]
Javier Aizpurua, Center for Materials Physics, San Sebastian (CSIC-UPV/EHU)
“Driving surface-enhanced molecular spectroscopy to the atomic scale” [PDF]
Marty Stevens, NIST
“Seeing the dark: exploring the limits of dark count rate in superconducting single-photon detectors” [PDF]
Renee Frontiera, University of Minnesota
“Ultrafast SERS probing of molecular heating and hot carrier transfer in plasmonic photocatalysis” [PDF]
21:10 Peter Kraus, University of California Berkeley
“Attosecond quantum dynamics of photoexcited semiconductors” [PDF]
George Schatz, Northwestern University
“Theories of SERS, TERS and Plasmon-Enhanced Energy Transfer” [PDF]
Stefan Yoshi Buhmann, University of Freiburg
“Quantum Friction” [PDF]
Katherine (Kallie) Willets, Temple University
“Isolating local heating and hot carrier effects in plasmon-mediated photoelectrochemical reactions” [PDF]
21:30 David Reis, Stanford PULSE Institute
“High Harmonics from Solids” [PDF]
Christiane Höppener, Leibniz Institut für Photonische Technologien Jena, Germany
“Optical Nanoparticle Antennas for investigations of organic materials” [PDF]
Denis Seletskiy, Polytechnique Montréal
“Subcycle quantum electrodynamics” [PDF]
Wei David Wei, University of Florida
“Elucidating the Origin of Size-Dependent Photocatalytic Activity in Plasmonic-Metal/Semiconductor Heterostructures” [PDF]
21:50 Uwe Thumm, Kansas State University
“Attosecond time-resolved spectroscopies from solid surfaces and nanoparticles” [PDF]
Nan Jiang, University of Illinois at Chicago
“Recent progress in the study of surface chemistry on various noble metal surfaces by ultrahigh vacuum tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy” [PDF]
Roberto Passante, University of Palermo, Italy
“Detection of the Unruh effect through radiation-mediated interactions between accelerating atoms” [PDF]
Jennifer Dionne, Stanford University
“In situ visualization of plasmon-mediated chemical transformations at the single and sub-particle level” [PDF]
22:10 Agnieszka Jaron-Becker, JILA, University of Colorado
“Towards Ultrafast Control of Photoinduced Ring-Currents in Benzene” [PDF]
Dmitry Kurouski, Texas A&M University
“TERS in biology and electrochemistry” [PDF]
Manuel Donaire, Universidad de Valladolid
“Vacuum Momentum: The Casimir Momentum of a Chiral Molecule in a Magnetic Field” [PDF]
Stephen Cronin, University of Southern California
“Plasmon-Enhanced Hot Electron-Driven Photocatalysis” [PDF]

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 1
Alexey Belyanin: Chair
7:30 Gadi Eisenstein, Technion (Laser Dynamics)
   “Substituting cryogenic temperature by short time excitations: Quantum coherent effects in room temperature quantum dot optical gain media” [PDF]
8:00 Jacob Khurgin, Johns Hopkisn University (Advances in Practical Plasmonic and Metamaterials)
   “Alternatives to metals in plasmonics: semiconductors, phononic materials and others” [PDF]
8:30 Frank Koppens, ICFO (Photonics Frontiers with 2D Materials 1)
   “Polaritons in layered two-dimensional materials” [PDF]

Wednesday Morning Invited Session 1
  Laser Dynamics
Gadi Eisenstein, Chair
Advances in Practical Plasmonic and Metamaterials
Jacob Khurgin, Chair
Photonics Frontiers with 2D Materials 1
Gennady Shvets, Chair
On the Interface of Quantum and Gravity 2
Wolfgang Schleich, Chair
9:10 Kent Choquette, University of Illinois
“Non-Hermiticity and dynamics in coupled VCSEL arrays” [PDF]
N. Asger Mortensen, University of Southern Denmark
“Laser post-processing of morphology-dependent plasmonic resonances” [PDF]
Shangjr Gwo, National Tsing-Hua University
“When Plasmonic Metasurfaces Meet 2D Semiconductor Monolayers: Strong Coupling and Nonlinear Processes” [PDF]
Caslav Brukner, Institut for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
“Quantum tests of time dilation and the equivalence principle” [PDF]
9:30 Justin Norman, UC Santa Barbara
“Low threshold, high gain 1300 nm quantum dot lasers epitaxially grown on Si” [PDF]
Uriel Levy, HUJI
“Controlling amplitude, phase, polarization and spectral properties of light using silicon metasurfaces” [PDF]
Gregory Fuchs, Cornell University
“Optical Properties of Single Quantum Emitters in a 2D Insulator” [PDF]
Yair Margalit, Ben-Gurion University
“Time as a ''which path'' witness” [PDF]
9:50 Johann Peter Reithmaier, University of Kassel
“High-Speed Directly Modulated 1.55 µm Quantum Dot Lasers” [PDF]
Greg Sun, UMass Boston
“The prospect of low-loss semiconductors for high field enhancement” [PDF]
Thomas Taubner, RWTH Aachen University
“Nanoscale imaging with 2D materials” [PDF]
Fabio Di Pumpo, Ulm University
“Phase shifts from proper time” [PDF]
10:10 Constance Chang-Hasnain, University of California Berkeley
“Wavelength-swept VCSEL with high-index contrast metastructures”
Volker Sorger, GWU
“Attojoule Modulators for Photonic Neuromorphic Algorithms” [PDF]
Joel Cox, ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences
“Nonlinear plasmonics in atomically-thin materials” [PDF]
J. S. Ben-Benjamin, Texas A&M University
“Extracting photons from a rotating black hole” [PDF]

10:30 — Break —

Wednesday Morning Plenary Session 2
Marlan Scully: Chair
10:50 Marlan Scully, Baylor, Princeton, TAMU
   “Presentation of the 2018 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics”
11:20 Ernst Rasel, Leibniz University Hannover (New Tools for Atom Interferometry)
   “Space-borne Bose-Einstein condensation for precision interferometry” [PDF]

Wednesday Morning Invited Session 2
  New Tools for Atom Interferometry
Ernst Rasel, Chair
Attosecond Photoemission From Solid Targets
Ursula Keller, Chair
Photonics Frontiers with 2D Materials 2
Frank Koppens, Chair
Manybody Interactions 2
Kaden Hazzard, Chair
12:00 Franck Pereira dos Santos, Paris Observatory
“A force sensor for local measurements based on trapped atom interferometry” [PDF]
Reinhard Kienberger, TU Munich, Germany
“Attosecond electron dynamics in surfaces and layered systems” [PDF]
Josh Caldwell, Vanderbilt University
“Novel Materials and Approaches for Dynamic IR Nano-Optics” [PDF]
Juha Javanainen, University of Connecticut
“Light in a stack of 2D atom lattices” [PDF]
12:20 Marco Fattori, LENS, University of Firenze
“Atom interferometry with trapped Bose Einstein condensates with tunable interactions” [PDF]
Walter Pfeiffer, Bielefeld University
“Intra-atomic angular momentum induced attosecond delays in solid state photoemission” [PDF]
Ertugrul Cubukcu, University of California, San Diego
“Resonant Linear and Nonlinear Monolayer Photonics” [PDF]
Kyungwon An, Seoul National University
“Superradiance by chiral-interacting atoms in a cavity” [PDF]
12:40 Jan Rudolph, Stanford University
“Atom interferometry using clock transitions for fundamental physics” [PDF]
Lukas Gallmann, ETH Zurich
“The effective mass in attosecond photoemission from solids” [PDF]
Gennady Shvets, Cornell University
“Reconfigurable Topological Photonics on the Nanoscale Using Graphene Plasmon Polaritons” [PDF]
Robert Lewis-Swan, JILA, NIST, University of Colorado
“Cavity Mediated Collective Spin Exchange Interactions in a Strontium Superradiant Laser” [PDF]

13:00 — Afternoon free —

Wednesday Evening Plenary Session
Wim Leemans: Chair
19:00 Vlad Shalaev, Purdue University (Plasmonics for Nanophotonics, Energy, and Beyond)
   “Catching Light Rays: Emerging Plasmonic Materials for Energy Conversion, High-Temperature Sensing & Nanophotonics” [PDF]
19:30 Jack Harris, Yale University (Topological and Nonreciprocal Control)
   “Topological physics with two oscillators: beyond the Berry phase via exceptional points” [PDF]
20:00 Jorge Rocca, Colorado State University (Relativistic Plasmas and X-Ray Lasers)
   “Relativistic nanophotonics: heating matter to extreme conditions with compact lasers” [PDF]

20:30 — Break —

Wednesday Evening Invited Session
  Plasmonics for Nanophotonics, Energy, and Beyond
Vlad Shalaev, Chair
Topological and Nonreciprocal Control
Jack Harris, Chair
Relativistic Plasmas and X-Ray Lasers
Jorge Rocca, Chair
Cold Atoms in Space
Ernst Rasel, Chair
20:50 Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
“Materials Limits for Thermal Radiation – Near Field and Far Field” [PDF]
Sahin Ozdemir, The Pennsylvania State University
“Optics and Optomechanics at Exceptional Points” [PDF]
Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
“On the promise of laser plasma accelerators and enabling the machine to be brought to the problem” [PDF]
Philippe Bouyer, CNRS - IOGS
“Dual-species interferometry with ultra-cold atoms in 0-g” [PDF]
21:10 Mark Brongersma, Stanford University
“Multi-resonant Metamaterial Antireflection Coatings” [PDF]
Lan Yang, Washington University in St. Louis
“Whispering-gallery-mode resonators at exceptional points” [PDF]
Carmen Menoni, Colorado State University
“Soft x-ray laser nanoscale molecular imaging: enhanced mass range and sensitivity” [PDF]
Rob Thompson, Jet Propulsion Lab
“An over view of the Cold Atom Lab Mission” [PDF]
21:30 Shanhui Fan, Stanford University
“Theoretical limits for harvesting outgoing thermal radiation” [PDF]
Raam Uzdin, Technion, Haifa, Israel
“From non-Hermitian speed limits to quantum measurements and Markovian environments” [PDF]
Siegfried Glenzer, SLAC/Stanford
“Frist measurement of the X-ray ion feature using LCLS” [PDF]
Bastian Leykauf, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
“A mobile quantum gravity sensor for field applications” [PDF]
21:50 Alexandra Boltasseva, Purdue University
“Tailorable Ultra-Thin Films and MXenes for Nanophotonic Applications” [PDF]
Demetrios Christodoulides, CREOL-UCF
“Parity-Time Symmetry and Exceptional Points in Optics” [PDF]
Félicie Albert, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
“Applications of light sources driven by laser wakefield acceleration” [PDF]
Nathan Lundblad, Bates College
“Planned experiments with shell-geometry Bose-Einstein condensation in microgravity aboard CAL” [PDF]
22:10 Pramod Reddy, University of Michigan
“Near-Field Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion” [PDF]
Andrea Alu, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
“Topological Photonics, Slow Light and Non-Reciprocal Transport Based on Temporal Modulations” [PDF]
Szymon Suckewer, Princeton University
Hamilton Paul, UCLA
“Atom interferometry: science on the space station” [PDF]

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 1
Thomas Weinacht: Chair
7:30 Mark Raizen, University of Texas at Austin (Novel Cooling Methods)
   “An alternative to laser cooling and evaporative cooling” [PDF]
8:00 Stephan Reitzenstein, TU Berlin (Physics of Semiconductor Nanolasers)
   “Physics and applications of cavity enhanced quantum dot microlasers” [PDF]
8:30 Louis DiMauro, The Ohio State University (Strong Field Atomic Physics)
   “The Scaling of Strong Field Atomic Physics” [PDF]

Thursday Morning Invited Session 1
  Novel Cooling Methods
Mark Raizen, Chair
Physics of Semiconductor Nanolasers
Stephan Reitzenstein, Chair
Strong Field Atomic Physics
Louis DiMauro, Chair
Advanced Laser Spectroscopy
Vladimir Malinovsky, Chair
9:10 James Thompson, JILA
“A magneto-optical trap and laser cooling using adiabatic passage on a forbidden transition in strontium” [PDF]
Weng Chow, Sandia National Labs
“Cavity-QED for better lighting” [PDF]
Thomas Weinacht, Stony Brook University
“Nonadiabatic Dynamics in Strong Field Ionization” [PDF]
Svetlana Malinovskaya, Stevens Institute of Technology
“Enhanced CARS for remote detection” [PDF]
9:30 Harold Metcalf, Stony Brook University
“Strong Optical Forces on Atoms Using Adiabatic Rapid Passage” [PDF]
Daniel Brunner, FEMTO-ST
“Towards Photonic Networks of Micropillar Lasers for Neuromorphic Computing” [PDF]
Robert Jones, University of Virginia
“Strong-Field Physics Near THz Irradiated Nano-Tips” [PDF]
Aleks Rebane, Montana State University
“Advances in femtosecond multiphoton absorption of organic systems” [PDF]
9:50 Dmitry Budker, Helmholtz Institute Mainz / UC Berkeley
“Efficient polarization of high-angular-momentum systems” [PDF]
Cun-Zheng Ning, Tsinghua University and Arizona State University
“Optical properties and lasing of 2D molybdenum ditelluride”
Barry Walker, University of Delaware
“Molecular ionization in ultrastrong fields: the ‘nearest neighbor’ gateway to highly charged ion formation” [PDF]
Zhenrong Zhang, Baylor University
“Photo-Reaction of Monolayer MoS2 in Air” [PDF]
10:10 Pavel Nagornykh, University of Texas at Austin
“Magneto-optical (MOP) cooling of Atoms” [PDF]
Mercedeh Khajavikhan, University of Central Florida- CREOL
“Generating structured light using metallic nanolaser arrays” [PDF]
Ulf Saalmann, MPIPKS Dresden
“Strong-field control with an adiabatic-passage technique” [PDF]
Edward Fry, Texas A&M University
“Integrating Cavities, Ring-Down Spectroscopy and the First Reliable UV Absorption Data for Pure Water” [PDF]

10:30 — Break —

Thursday Morning Plenary Session 2
Yuri Shvyd'ko: Chair
10:50 Markus Pollnau, University of Surrey (Spectral Coherence in Resonators and Lasers)
   “A few disturbing thoughts about the laser linewidth” [PDF]
11:20 Ralf Röhlsberger, DESY (X-Ray Optics)
   “Collective strong coupling of x-rays and nuclei” [PDF]

Thursday Morning Invited Session 2
  Spectral Coherence in Resonators and Lasers
Markus Pollnau, Chair
X-Ray Optics
Ralf Röhlsberger, Chair
Biosensing with Nanodiamonds
Alexey Akimov, Chair
Trends in Quantum Optics 1
Svetlana Malinovskaya, Chair
12:00 Florian Siegrist, MPI of Quantum Optics
“Attosecond energy transfer dynamics in transparent solids” [PDF]
Jörg Evers, MPIK Heidelberg
“Sudden shifts sharpen x-ray pulses” [PDF]
Phil Hemmer, Texas A&M University IQSE
“Biosensing with nanodiamonds and other non-bleaching particles” [PDF]
Shiyao Zhu, Zhejiang University
“Topological quantum optics: from the simulation of the Haldane model to applications in quantum information” [PDF]
12:20 Emir Salih Magden, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Ultra-Narrow-Linewidth Al2O3:Er3+ Lasers with a Wavelength-Insensitive Waveguide Design on a Wafer-Scale Silicon Nitride Platform” [PDF]
Kai Sven Schulze, University Jena
“High-purity x-ray polarimetry for precision tests of fundamental physics” [PDF]
Quan Li, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
“Anchoring Nanodiamond onto bacteria and beyond” [PDF]
Vladimir Malinovsky, US Army Research Laboratory
“Entanglement enhanced telescopic interferometry” [PDF]
12:40 Cornelia Denz, University of Muenster
“Nonlinear integrated optics on lithium niobate for sensing applications” [PDF]
Mariano Trigo, SLAC/Stanford
“Structural dynamics in materials from thermally squeezed phonons” [PDF]
Ren-Bao Liu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
“Diamond sensing of magnetic fluctuations in nanoparticles” [PDF]
Ana María Cetto, Instituto de Física, UNAM
“How 'quantum' is the free radiation field?” [PDF]

13:00 — Afternoon free —

Thursday Evening Plenary Session
Ian Osborne: Chair
19:00 Alexei Sokolov, Texas A&M University (Molecular Modulation)
   “Applying molecular coherence to ultrafast optics” [PDF]
19:30 John Howell, Hebrew University (Precision and Quantum Measurement)
   “Precision and quantum measurement” [PDF]
20:00 Joachim von Zanthier, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany (Quantum Imaging with Incoherent Light)
   “Quantum imaging with X-rays” [PDF]

20:30 — Break —

Thursday Evening Invited Session
  Molecular Modulation
Totaro Imasaka, Chair
Precision and Quantum Measurement
John Howell, Chair
Quantum Imaging with Incoherent Light
Joachim von Zanthier, Chair
Semiconductor Quantum Optics
Stephan Reitzenstein, Chair
20:50 Deniz Yavuz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Continuous-wave modulation of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire oscillator” [PDF]
Andrew Jordan, University of Rochester
“Arrow of time for continuous quantum measurement” [PDF]
Henry Chapman, CFEL DESY
“Atomic imaging of molecules with coherent and incoherent X-rays” [PDF]
Andreas Knorr, Technical University Berlin
“Quantum feedback in quantum dot - waveguide structures” [PDF]
21:10 Fetah Benabid, GPPMM group, XLIM, CNRS, France
“Self-optically-nanostructuring Raman gases” [PDF]
Hagai Eisenberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“Multiphoton entanglement from a single single-photon source” [PDF]
Andreas Kaldun, Stanford University
“Nonlinear nuclear optics: first experimental results and future challenges” [PDF]
Kartik Srinivasan, NIST
“Heterogeneous integration for quantum photonics with quantum dots” [PDF]
21:30 David Novoa, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
“Enhanced control of molecular modulation in hollow-core fibers” [PDF]
Avi Pe'er, Bar Ilan University
“Lifting the Bandwidth Limit of Optical Homodyne Measurement” [PDF]
Anton Classen, Universität Erlangen
“Structured illumination quantum correlation microscopy” [PDF]
Peter Michler, University of Stuttgart
“Slow light and two-photon interference between atomic vapour delayed and un-delayed single photons from a quantum dot” [PDF]
21:50 Masayuki Katsuragawa, University of Electro- Communications
“Tailor made nonlinear optical frequency mixing and its application to optical devices” [PDF]
Onur Hosten, Stanford University
“Quantum phase magnification” [PDF]
Pieter Kok, University of Sheffield
“Optimal Quantum Imaging of Distant Black Bodies” [PDF]
Ruth Oulton, University of Bristol
“Low Q-factor quantum dot micropillars for spin-photon entanglement and quantum switching” [PDF]
22:10 Mariia Shutova, Texas A&M University
“Coherent Raman generation with wavefront shaping” [PDF]
Ronen Rapapot, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“Heralded single photon harvesting from a bi-exciton state in room temperature nano-emitters using nano-antennas” [PDF]
Mathilde Fouché, CNRS - INPHYNI
“Revival of intensity interferometry in astronomy” [PDF]
Gregor Weihs, University of Innsbruck
“Three photons – efficient and interfering” [PDF]

Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Morning Plenary Session 1
Anatoly Svidzinsky: Chair
7:30 Yasuhiko Arakawa, University of Tokyo (Applications of Semiconductor Micro- and Nanolasers)
   “Advances in quantum dots for lasers and single photon sources” [PDF]
8:00 Ji-Xin Cheng, Boston University (New Frontiers in Medical Photonics)
   “Molecular Spectroscopic Imaging for Medicine: from Physics to Treatment” [PDF]
8:30 Luiz Davidovich, Instituto de Física - Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Quantum Metrology: Toward the Ultimate Precision Limit)
   “Quantum Metrology” [PDF]

Friday Morning Invited Session 1
  Applications of Semiconductor Micro- and Nanolasers
Yasuhiko Arakawa, Chair
New Frontiers in Medical Photonics
Ji-Xin Cheng, Chair
Quantum Metrology: Toward the Ultimate Precision Limit
Luiz Davidovich, Chair
Modern Optics
Phil Hemmer, Chair
9:10 Jesper Moerk, Technical University of Denmark
“Photonic crystal Fano lasers for short pulse generation and extreme modulation bandwidth” [PDF]
Jesse Wilson, Colorado State University
“Excited-state dynamics of heme proteins for molecular imaging contrast” [PDF]
Ruynet L. de Matos Filho, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ
“Quantum Enhanced Sensing from Hyper-Entanglement” [PDF]
Vaclav Spicka, Institute of Physics, ASCR, Prague
“Relation between full NEGF, Non-Markovian and Markovian Transport Equations” [PDF]
9:30 Fabrice Raineri, C2N-CNRS
“Nanobeam laser diodes on Si” [PDF]
Darren Roblyer, Boston University
“Frequency Domain Diffuse Optics for Real-Time Imaging of Cancer Treatment Response” [PDF]
Sebastien Gleyzes, LKB - CNRS
“Quantum metrology with Rydberg atoms” [PDF]
Peter Keefe, University of Detroit Mercy
“Relaxation Phenomena in the Adiabatic Phase Transition of a Type I Mesoscopic Superconductor” [PDF]
9:50 Shinji Matsuo, NTT Corporation
“Integrated nanocavity lasers” [PDF]
Fang Huang, Purdue University
“Revealing Subcellular Structures with Live-cell and 3D Fluorescence Nanoscopy” [PDF]
Enno Giese, University of Ottawa
“SPDC for spectrometer calibration: An alternative to black body radiation” [PDF]
Barnabas Kim, Texas A&M University
“Entropy of the BEC Ground State: Correlation vs Ground State Entropy” [PDF]
10:10 Xiangeng Meng, Qilu University of Technology
“Nananolasers enabled by metallic nanoparticles: from spasers to random lasers” [PDF]
Ji Yi, Boston University School of Medicine
“Multi-model volumetric imaging to quantify retinal capillary functions” [PDF]
Kater Murch, Washington University in St. Louis
“Quantum enhanced frequency metrology with time dependent Hamiltonians” [PDF]
Alexander Giles, US Naval Research Laboratory
“Ultra Low Loss Polaritons in Hexagonal Boron Nitride” [PDF]

10:30 — Break —

Friday Morning Plenary Session 2
Andrius Baltuška: Chair
10:50 Aleksei Zheltikov, Texas A&M University (Ultrafast Optical Science)
   “Optical solitons in air” [PDF]
11:20 Jian-Wei Pan, University of Science and Technology of China (Quantum Phenomena and Applications in Many-Body Bosonic and Fermionic Systems)
   “Global Quantum Communication Network and Future Prospect” [PDF]

Friday Morning Invited Session 2
  Ultrafast Optical Science
Aleksei Zheltikov, Chair
Quantum Phenomena and Applications in Many-Body Bosonic and Fermionic Systems
Bicai Pan, Chair
Trends in Quantum Optics 2
Deniz Yavuz, Chair
Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics
Vaclav Spicka, Chair
12:00 Andrius Baltuška, TU Wien
“Scaling of short- and longwave parametric frequency conversion via pulse burst recombination” [PDF]
Yu-Ao Chen, University of Science and Technology of China
“Observation of quantum turbulence decay in the strongly interacting Fermi gas” [PDF]
Andrei Afanasev, George Washington University
“Quantum Selection Rules for Atomic Transitions with Twisted Light: Theory vs Experiment” [PDF]
Roland Allen, Texas A&M University
“A fresh perspective on black hole entropy and information” [PDF]
12:20 Alexander Tarasevitch, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
“Attosecond pulses from solid surfaces” [PDF]
Chaoyang Lu, University of Science and Technology of China
“Racing classical computers with quantum boson-sampling machines” [PDF]
Hugo Defienne, Princeton University
“Adaptive quantum optics with spatially-entangled photon-pairs” [PDF]
Suzy Lidstrom, Texas A&M University
“Light, the universe, and everything – a global compilation of the most fundamental questions in science and technology” [PDF]
12:40 Pavel Polynkin, University of Arizona
“Channeling the dielectric breakdown of air by femtosecond laser filaments, revisited” [PDF]
Fuli Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University
“Enhancement of spatial resolution of ghost imaging with illumination of single spots” [PDF]
Baris Cakmak, Koç University
“Thermal production, protection and heat exchange of quantum coherences” [PDF]
Andre Gontijo Campos, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
“Unveiling new analytical solutions to the Dirac equation” [PDF]

13:00 — Afternoon free —

Friday Evening Plenary Session
Marlan Scully: Chair
19:00 Barry Garraway, University of Sussex, UK (Atom Circuits and Atomtronics)
   “Atomtronics for Quantum Technology” [PDF]
19:30 Yanhua Shih, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Turbulence-Free Camera and Interferometer)
   “From ghost imaging to turbulence-free interferometer and camera” [PDF]
20:00 Linda Young, Argonne / University of Chicago (Advances in X-Ray Optics)
   “Realizing the potential of Ultrafast, intense x-ray lasers” [PDF]

20:30 — Break —

Friday Evening Invited Session
  Atom Circuits and Atomtronics
Barry Garraway, Chair
Turbulence-Free Camera and Interferometer
Yanhua Shih, Chair
Advances in X-Ray Optics
Linda Young, Chair
Ultrafast Optics
Alexei Sokolov, Chair
20:50 Luigi Amico, Dip. Fisica, Catania/CQT Singapore
“Coherent effects in atomtronic circuits” [PDF]
Thomas Smith, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
“A Turbulence-free Double-slit Interferometer” [PDF]
Sharon Shwartz, Bar Ilan University
“Parametric-Down Conversion of X-rays into the Optical Regime” [PDF]
Totaro Imasaka, Kyushu University
“Phase Lock in Four-Wave Raman mixing for the Generation of Ultrashort Optical Pulses” [PDF]
21:10 Malcolm Boshier, Los Alamos National Laboratory
“Quantum Interference in an Atomtronic SQUID” [PDF]
Tao Peng, Texas A&M University IQSE
“Imaging through turbid media via cross correlation measurement of optical beating frequency” [PDF]
Yuri Shvyd'ko, Argonne National Laboratory
“X-ray Echo Spectroscopy” [PDF]
Eugene Frumker, Ben Gurion University
“Gas jet tomography with a strong laser field” [PDF]
21:30 Stephen Eckel, NIST
“Cold-atom circuits: exploring superfluid transport” [PDF]
Vincenzo Tamma, University of Portsmouth
“Thermal light interference beyond coherence and remote sensing applications” [PDF]
Yu Zhang, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
“Stimulated X-ray Emission in Transition Metal Compounds” [PDF]
Kai Wang, University of Michigan
“Control of Quantum Interference between Nonlinear Optical Absorption Processes in Semiconductors” [PDF]
21:50 Mark Edwards, Georgia Southern University
“Producing Smooth Flow in Atomtronic Systems” [PDF]
Francesco Maria Di Lena, Università degli Studi di Bari
“Plenoptic imaging at the diffraction limit” [PDF]
Saša Bajt, DESY
“Extreme X-ray Intensities with Multilayer Optics” [PDF]
Alexandra Zhdanova, Texas A&M University
“Spatially Tailored Beams for Custom Supercontinuum Generation” [PDF]
22:10 Ron Folman, Ben-Gurion University
“Atomtronics without light” [PDF]
Hui Chen, Xi'an Jiaotong Univ., China
“Non-invasive dynamic and wide-field imaging through strong scattering media” [PDF]
Benjamin Strycker, Texas A&M University
“Differentiation of Mold Species via Raman Spectroscopy” [PDF]
Zhenhuan Yi, Texas A&M University IQSE
“Driving FAST CARS” [PDF]

Poster Session

5:30 p.m. Thursday, January 11, 2018
Dinner provided

Charles AltuzarraTexas A&M University IQSE 
“polarization heralded imaging with plasmonic metasurfaces” [PDF]

Tuguldur BegzjavTexas A&M University  “The effective Raman Hamiltonian revisited” [PDF]

Przemyslaw BieniasJQI, UMD  “Photon propagation through dissipative Rydberg medium at large input rates” [PDF]

Blake BirminghamTexas A&M University  “Photoluminescence Quenching of MoS2 by Pyridine” [PDF]

Han CaiTexas A&M University  “Experimental observation of one-dimensional superradiance lattices in a Bose-Einstein condensate” [PDF]

Chao ChenUniversity of Science and Technology of China  “Quantum teleportation of multiple degrees of freedom of a single photon” [PDF]

Ivan CojocaruTexas A&M University  “Electron–phonon coupling – key to precise thermometry.” [PDF]

Emanuela EneTexas A&M University IQSE  “The Terra Mobile Project” [PDF]

Li FuTexas A&M University IQSE  “Generation of Coherent Light by a Moving Medium” [PDF]

Zihe GaoUniversity of Illinois  “Non-Hermiticity in Weakly Coupled Semiconductor Laser Arrays” [PDF]

William GoldshlagUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  “Wave Packet Dynamics With High Resolution Quantum Beating Spectroscopy” [PDF]

Kyong Chol HanTexas A&M University IQSE  “Amplification of sub-femtosecond X-ray pulses in a plasma medium with a modulated resonant transition” [PDF]

Zhe HeTexas A&M University  “ssDNA nucleotides analysis by tip-enhanced Raman scattering” [PDF]

Jabir Wali HakamiJazan University, Saudi Arabia  “Nanoshell-mediated robust entanglement between coupled quantum dots” [PDF]

Barnabas KimTexas A&M University  “Two different views on Irreversible processes: consideration by the Entropy Production Rate” [PDF]

Brian KoBaylor/Texas A&M University  “Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing near the Excitonic Resonance of Bulk MoS2” [PDF]

Elena KuznetsovaTexas A&M University IQSE  “Manipulation of XFEL radiation spectra using a resonant Mossbauer absorber with a longitudinal frequency gradient” [PDF]

Sheng-Wen LiTexas A&M University  “Quantum statistics of a single atom Scovil–Schulz-DuBios heat engine” [PDF]

Zachary LiegeBaylor University, Texas A&M University  “Investigation of the Morphology Dependence of MoS2 Nanoflakes using Raman Spectroscopy” [PDF]

Khant MinnBaylor University  “Optical fiber assisted plasmonic probe for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy” [PDF]

Yuta NakanoKyushu University  “Generation of an ultrafast optical pulse via molecular modulation in ambient air” [PDF]

Reed NeßlerTAMU/Baylor  “Single and paired parametric oscillators” [PDF]

Avi Pe'erBar Ilan University  “Pairwise Mode-Locking of Coupled Parametric Oscillators – A new Route to Multipartite Entanglement in the Frequency Comb” [PDF]

Walter PfeifferBielefeld University  “Long-range plasmon cavity assisted quantum emitter coupling” [PDF]

Matthew RichertPrinceton University  “Quantum Optics in HD” [PDF]

Robert ScullyTexas A&M University IQSE  “New Blood Sample Device allows for Field Samples” [PDF]

Yujie ShenTexas A&M University  “Construction of a picosecond multiplex CARS microscope” [PDF]

Anton ShutovTexas A&M University  “Surface-enhanced coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (SECARS) in pyridine-ethanol-MoS2 solution” [PDF]

Mariia ShutovaTexas A&M University  “Extending total bandwidth of broadband coherent Raman generation via adaptive optics” [PDF]

William SweeneyYale University  “Perfectly absorbing exceptional points” [PDF]

Uwe ThummKansas State University  “Time-resolved photoemission interferograms of Cu, Ag, and Au surfaces” [PDF]

Uwe ThummKansas State University  “Imaging plasmonically enhanced electric fields near metal nanospheres with spatiotemporal resolution using attosecond streaking” [PDF]

Lutz WaldeckerStanford University  “Momentum-resolved electron and phonon dynamics in inversion-symmetric WSe2” [PDF]

Jizhou WangTexas A&M University IQSE  “Tip-Enhanced Raman Imaging for Aspergillus Fumigatus Spores” [PDF]

Wentao WangXi'an Jiaotong University  “Ptychography intensity interferometry imaging” [PDF]

Martin WersällChalmers University of Technology   

Haitan XuYale University  “Nonreciprocal phonon transfer in an optomechanical system” [PDF]

Liping YangPurdue University  “Fock-state responsivity to identify limits across single photon detectors” [PDF]

Deniz YavuzUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison  “Is quantum computing scalable?” [PDF]

Zhenhuan YiTexas A&M University IQSE  “Generating Rabi Oscillations by adiabatic pulse due to initial atomic coherence” [PDF]

Lida ZhangTexas A&M University IQSE  “Quadrature squeezing of more than 10000 spatial modes in four-wave mixing via reduction of diffraction” [PDF]

Zhedong ZhangTexas A&M University  “Enhancement of lasing gain by noise-induced coherence” [PDF]

Xingchen ZhaoTexas A&M University  “Optical Beating Frequency Retrieving through Turbid Medium via Temporal Crosscorrelation” [PDF]

Alexandra ZhdanovaTexas A&M University  “Coherent Synthesis and Characterization of Raman-enabled Ultrafast Waveforms” [PDF]

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